Keep your bananas fresh for longer with surprising fridge storage tips revealed by recipe developer

Picture of fresh yellow bananas in the fridge
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Bananas, those tricky fruits that seem to go from green to brown overnight, often leave us in a race against time to enjoy them before they end up as waste. But Camilla, the culinary whizz behind FabFood4All, has let us in on a game-changing tip that could save your bananas and your wallet.

Taking to TikTok, Camilla revealed a surprising fact that goes against everything we've been told: "It appears I may have been living a lie my entire life. I was always told that you can't keep bananas in the fridge because they go black."

Her revelation came after her daughter's university friends tipped her off to the fridge trick, reports the Express: "Last week my daughter told me that all her university mates keep their bananas in the fridge so I kept these bananas in the fridge for four whole days once they [went] ripe."

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The result? A banana that defies expectations: "Normally by now they'd be completely black and covered in spots, so I'm going to open a banana to see if it's true, can you keep a banana in the fridge without it going black."

Upon peeling the chilled banana, Camilla was met with a delightful surprise: "You learn something new every day." She later confirmed in the comments that this method "definitely extends their life" and expressed her astonishment: "I can't tell you how shocked I am."

This debunking of the myth that bananas and fridges don't mix could mean the end of overripe, mushy bananas for good, as the cold environment puts a pause on the ripening process, keeping them fresh for longer. Banana peels will maintain their yellow colour if stored in the fridge for a few days, but will eventually darken. Despite this, they remain edible.

The fruit inside the blackened peel will stay yellow, fresh and firm, remaining good to eat for approximately two weeks after purchase. It's important to only refrigerate yellow and ripe bananas, as green ones won't ripen in the cold.

Storing bananas in the fridge is generally better than keeping them in a fruit bowl. This is because most fruits produce a growth hormone called ethylene gas, which can accelerate spoilage when fruits are stored together. By storing bananas in the fridge, they're separated from other fruits, extending their lifespan. If fridge space is limited, another option is to wrap the banana stems in clingfilm. This can prevent the spread of ethylene gas and keep bananas fresher for longer.