'Keep calm and carry on' Daniel Farke's final Leeds United message ahead of 'decisive' day

-Credit: (Image: PA)
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Leeds United manager Daniel Farke has sent a message to his players and supporters alike, telling everyone to stay calm ahead of the club's biggest game of the season. The German manager, known for his calm demeanour and relaxed approach, is eager to see that filtered throughout his squad ahead of a decisive day in the current history of the club.

The pressure will be huge at Wembley Stadium today as Leeds United meet Southampton in the Championship play-off final for the right for both to make an immediate return to the Premier League. The nerves will be felt among supporters who will help pack out the national stadium for the final match of the British domestic football season, and arguably the biggest given the financial benefits and prestige that accompanies elevation to the top flight.

But while many supporters and potentially even players will have endured a difficult night's sleep, the Leeds manager is eager to see as normal an approach as possible from his players, not wanting to see the occasion and what is at stake take their mind off the job they have to do.

"We know this is a massive game and a decisive game. It is a final and because of that you are always a little bit more focussed and concentrated, but it is also important to stay calm and find a good balance. It is just football," said Farke, laying out his approach to the game.

"We are highly motivated just like our opponents, but we are looking forward to have this game. It's a massive chance and anything can happen. It's a massive chance to get promoted back to the Premier League at the first chance."