'Keep On Going Buddy!': Family Spots Kangaroo Swimming in New South Wales Floodwaters

An Australian family spotted a kangaroo swimming through floodwaters near the Mooki River, in regional North West New South Wales, on November 23.

This footage, filmed by Amelia Smith, shows the marsupial paddling through the muddy water, as the family offers the animal encouragement saying, “keep on going buddy… almost there”.

Smith told Storyful that her family “took a boat trip to look at flood damage to wheat and cotton crops during the flood” when they “came across a swimming kangaroo and tried to direct him towards higher land”.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) issued major flood warnings on November 24, for areas surrounding Gunnedah after days of heavy rain.

Rain and thunderstorms were forecast across New South Wales until Friday, with the BOM warning the rainfall may cause renewed moderate to major flooding. Credit: Amelia Smith via Storyful

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