'Keep Moving There, Big Fella': Man Gently Shoos Bear Away From Lake Tahoe Property

A South Lake Tahoe resident gently escorted an older black bear from a resort property using only his voice and hand clapping.

Footage posted to Instagram by Toogee Sielsch shows the furry trespasser being encouraged to leave the building’s grounds.

According to Sielsch’s post, he asked the property’s management to let the bear “sleep his dumpster diving hangover off” during the day as there were very few residents about.

“It wasn’t safe to move him during the day, so I waited till sundown and moved him a couple hundred yards off property to an excellent bear hiding spot both he and I know about. Only used my voice and clapping hands,” Sielsch wrote.

Sielsch warned followers never to try doing what they see in the video, mentioning that he and the bear “know each other well”. Credit: Toogee Sielsch via Storyful

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