Keep your whites sparkling with simple kitchen ingredients, reveals TikTok cleaning expert

White clothes
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Maintaining the brightness of white items like tops, trainers, or bedding can be quite the task for many.

As time passes and with regular use and washing, whites often lose their brilliance, turning a lacklustre grey. It's understandably disappointing when your go-to white garment begins to look less vibrant, but it's a common occurrence.

White fabrics are frequently treated with optical brighteners which diminish over time, causing the fabric to appear grey. But there's no need to resign yourself to the fading of your favourite pieces - you can take action to bring them back to their pristine state without splurging on expensive whitening products.

TikTok cleaning sensation @homeaglow_ has shared that the "secret to keeping your white clothes bright all summer" is likely sitting in your kitchen right now. The magic ingredient?

Baking soda, a typical resident of the baking shelf, reports the Mirror.

The savvy cleaner advises soaking your whites in a mix of boiling water and baking soda for around an hour. She suggests: "This is the best way to keep your white clothes white and bright. You want to start off by soaking your white pieces in boiling water and baking soda. Overnight is great, but 30 minutes to an hour is good enough. Next, you're going to want to go ahead and throw it in the washer as you usually would."

The content creator shared a tip for keeping items as bright as when first purchased, suggesting air drying them in sunlight. She explained: "Our sun is a natural bleacher, so I do like to set my whites out in the sun to sunbathe."

For those pesky stains that persist, she recommends using a common kitchen staple - a lemon. The content creator elaborated: "I squirt lemon on the hard stains that didn't come out in the washer. And you want to keep them out there for about two to three hours."

Another go-to product for keeping whites pristine, according to cleaning aficionados, is Vanish. A user on Mrs Hinch's fanpage advised against bleach, saying: "Bleach breaks down the fabric, so they won't last long at all and do go yellow. Vanish is best," while another suggested: "Put in a bucket with warm water [and] white vanish powder tub."

Vanish can be found in most supermarkets.