Kegworth gains another HMO despite traffic congestion and 'restricted' access fears

Exterior of 72 Huffer Road in Kegworth
No more than four people will be allowed to live at the HMO -Credit:Google

Officials have approved another house in multiple occupation (HMO) for Kegworth despite concerns. Residents had claimed this latest proposal would spark congestion and traffic issues, but planners disagreed.

The proposal, from Daniel Roberts, looked to convert his existing property, 72 Huffer Road, into a “small” HMO suitable for four occupants. Mr Roberts confirmed he would live in the HMO alongside three new residents, with all four existing rooms used for the plan.

The plan, which became the very latest HMO proposed for Kegworth, saw no exterior changes to 72 Huffer Road put forward, with parking set to remain unchanged too. That led to concerns from residents who feared the increase in residents could cause traffic problems in the area.

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One objector claimed that access could become “restricted” if the proposal for three off-road parking spaces was retained. They said four cars parking in and around the home could “cause congestion” and “severely restrict access” to neighbours and even the emergency services.

Throughout the application, Mr Roberts had denied his plan would cause problems, insisting multiple vehicles were “not anticipated” on site and that the HMO’s occupants would “generally travel together”. Officials at North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) agreed, approving the scheme in full despite the concerns.

The authority did impose a number of conditions on the plan though, calling on Mr Roberts to ensure that “no more than four people” can live at the HMO at any one time. NWLDC also made clear that the HMO cannot be used until three parking spaces are marked, in place and are “not obstructed at any time”.

It said this would allay fears from residents and “ensure that adequate off-street parking provision is made”. The council said this would “reduce the possibility” of parking problems in the area. NWLDC also said Mr Roberts is “encouraged” to provide cycle parking in order to promote sustainable modes of travel in the area.

Approval makes Huffer Road the latest HMO for Kegworth, following swiftly after a third for the town’s Windmill Way. Others have been approved in nearby Heafield Drive, Station Road and Wyvelle Crescent despite multiple concerns raised in each application, but officials have dismissed plans for an 11-bed HMO in Station Road over fears it would leave residents in “unacceptable living conditions”.