Kehlani ends her show early due to concerns for the crowd’s safety

Kehlani ended her show in Philadelphia early due to concerns regarding her fans’ safety.

The singer left the stage at The Mann Center after concerns that some members of the audience were passing out.

“I can’t have this. This is not OK. I don’t feel comfortable. I don’t feel okay. I don’t feel like anybody is safe right now,” the singer said before she walked off stage.

“I love you so much. I do not have more words about how disappointed and heartbroken I am.”

A venue official told Rolling Stone that no one at the show had to go to hospital and only three audience members needed minor medical attention.

The official also explained that the venue wasn’t at full capacity, and managed the situation by handing out free water.

Kelhani also asked the crowd members to step back throughout her show in an attempt to keep audience members safe.

“As you can imagine, the safety of guests and artists is always the venue’s top priority,” the venue spokesman said, adding that the show was only cut short by five minutes.

“I care about you guys more than anything and I put you before anything else,” Kehlani posted on an Instagram story after the show.

“Thank you so much to the venue and staff for your diligence and swift care for everyone in my audience,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Kehlani has stopped her performance to ensure the safety of her crowd. In a Tiktok video online she can be seen liaising with the crowd at her show in Atlanta whilst they attend to someone on the floor.

The singer has been praised by her fans for taking such responsibility and care for her audiences.

“That’s the energy we need,” one fan commented while another said “God bless her for taking the time out, she came up with a plan fast”.

Kehlani continues her Blue Water World Tour, and will visit Lonodon’s Brixton Academy in December.