Keir Starmer accuses Rishi Sunak of breaking ministerial code over Labour tax 'lies'

Keir Starmer has accused Rishi Sunak of "deliberately lying" over claims that Labour would raise taxes by £2,000.

The UK Labour leader said the Prime Minister's "lies" were a breach of the ministerial code and a reflection of Sunak's character.

He also said he would back an investigation into the Tory leader's behaviour.

Sunak claimed "independent Treasury officials" had costed Labour's policies in the ITV general election debate on Tuesday night, but a senior civil servant disputed this.

The cost was calculated using assumptions from Tory advisers, rather than what the actual expense would be.

Starmer said on a visit to Portsmouth: "What you saw last night was a Prime Minister with his back against the wall, trying desperately to defend an awful record in office, resorting to lies - and deliberately lying."

He continued: "Everyone's seen the letter from the Permanent Secretary, so we know he was lying.

"All of Labour's plans are fully costed and fully funded. They do not involve tax rises for working people - no income tax rises, no VAT, no national insurance.

"Character matters. He was lying about our plans, and lying about other things. That makes the choice as we go into the election even starker than it was 24 hours ago.

"Because we can either have more of the same, more chaos, more failure, more division, more lies, or we can turn the page and start to turn the page with Labour."

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