Keir Starmer refuses to rule out U-turn on tuition fee promise

Keir Starmer has refused to rule out scrapping his promise to abolish tuition fees.

Speaking on Sunday, Sir Keir was asked whether a Labour Government would follow through with prior plans to scrap tuition fees.

When quizzed by the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, he said: “We will go into the next election ensuring that every single commitment is fully costed.”

Pressed further, Sir Keir admitted that he wants to see changes to the system and that he doesn’t think “it works” in its current form.

Adding: “I said in my conference speech last year that there are good Labour things that we would want to do, but because of the damage the Tories have done, we won’t able to.

“There is so much we need to fix. My focus has to be on stabilising the economy and growing it.

“On restoring our public services and reforming them so they’re fit for purpose.

“I think having that narrow focus going into the election will be absolutely fundamental.”

Sir Ker made the pledge to scrap tuition fees during the 2020 Labour leadership election.

In a New Year’s speech, however, Sir Keir indicated that the pledge would be kept under review.

Earlier this week, the Government confirmed that tuition fees in England will be frozen at £9,250 for the next two years.

Despite rising living costs, maintenance loans will rise by 2.8 per cent this autumn.