Keir Starmer says Scotland will be 'beating heart' of Labour Government as he reaches out to SNP voters

Keir Starmer has promised Scotland will be the “beating heart” of an incoming Labour Government.

The Labour leader said Scots had the chance to “stop the chaos” of Tory misrule and elect a Government to serve working people.

Starmer, who is in line to dump Rishi Sunak from Downing Street, made his pitch to Daily Record readers in an exclusive article.

Opinion polls show Labour on course for massive gains from the SNP and Starmer declared the importance of Scotland to taking power:

“Scotland has an opportunity to lead that change, an opportunity too important to miss.

“No matter what the SNP and the Tories want to tell Record readers, Scotland will not be a spectator in this election. No. For me, Scotland is key to delivering the change our entire country needs.

“This election is the chance for Scotland to not just send a message to Westminster, but to send a government.”

He continued: “You can elect a united Labour government, with a group of Scottish Labour MPs putting communities and Scotland at the beating heart of government.

“And if we are privileged enough to come into serve, my guarantee to Daily Record readers is this: my government will be on your side - on the side of working people.”

He said his Government would restore “ordinary hope” to working Scots, smash the “class ceiling” and deliver “high-skill, high-pay jobs”.

Starmer accused the Tory and SNP Governments of creating chaos in the economy and public services.

He wrote: “This is Scotland’s chance to stop this chaos. It’s our chance to restore decency and integrity in politics.”

He said of plans to create publicly-owned GB Energy, which would be headquartered in Scotland:

"It will drive down bills. It will deliver energy security so that Britain is never again at the mercy of tyrants like Vladimir Putin.

“And, crucially, it will create jobs in Scotland and across the country. And Daily Record readers will feel the benefit straight away.

“That means, through our Green Prosperity Plan creating 69,000 jobs right across the country, including 53,000 clean power jobs."

He also vowed to “re-write the rules of work”, make “work pay” and boost the wages for thousands of Scottish workers.

He continued: “I understand why people in Scotland want to run as far as possible away from this incompetent Tory government.

“I understand why Scots are desperate for change – and I firmly believe that Labour can deliver that change.

“We will deliver change to put Scotland at the heart of a Labour government on the side of the Scottish people.”

Starmer’s plea to Record readers comes as polls show Labour are over twenty points ahead of the Tories.

Sunak's disastrous campaign launch was widely mocked and criticised even by Conservatives.