Keir Starmer's children have one request for their dad before moving into Downing Street

Keir and Victoria Starmer
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Following his resounding election triumph, Keir Starmer is set to move into Downing Street with his family - and potentially a new four-legged friend.

The 61 year old Labour leader has been confirmed as the UK's new Prime Minister, ending the Conservative Party's 14-year tenure at Number 10. Rishi Sunak, the Tory leader, acknowledged the gravity of his party's defeat, describing it as a "sobering verdict" after losing a significant number of seats to both Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Keir, alongside his wife Victoria and their two childrena 15 year old son and a 13 year old daughter are preparing for their imminent relocation to No. 11, which marks a significant transition for the family.

In light of this, Keir disclosed that his children have been lobbying for the addition of a pet dog to the household.

During a campaign visit on ITV's This Morning last month, where he was interviewed by presenters Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard, Keir mentioned that his children would intensify their efforts to get a dog if he emerged victorious in the election. Keir has consistently maintained his children's privacy, refraining from publicising their names, but occasionally shares insights into their family life, reports the Mirror.

Keir opened up about their choice to stay out of the spotlight, stating: "We took the decision we would keep them as protected as we possibly can. I want them to be able to walk to school as their own people and do as normal things as they can."

He further commented on the balance they strive for, saying: "We are trying to make sure they can have the lives of an ordinary teenage girl and boy. It is tricky."

Starmer has acknowledged that keeping his family life private affects how the public perceives him. He remarked: "One thing we do lose on is that people don't see me with my children, which gives you a sense of what type of person you are. Vic is slightly different because she will do the things that we have to do together, she is there at conferences etc."

Discussing his children's thoughts on the prospect of him winning the election, he said: "We have got to get it over the line but they are worried if I am honest. They are worried about it. I think any parent would understand this, if you are a teenage child you don't want things to change. You have got things set up at home exactly as you want them."

"You have got your friends, routine and first little bits of independence. It may not be a big thing but you can do what you want with friends after school. All of that I can see deep down that they are worried this could change, which is why we will fiercely protect their identity."

Keir also mentioned that his wife Victoria is an NHS employee and that his son has been taking his GCSEs.

Reflecting on parenthood, Keir shared: "When they were born, Vic and I sat down as we said, 'What do we want for our children? ' We didn't want to say they must go to university and do this career or whatever. We said happy and confident. Whatever they do in life, happy and confident are the guiding stars for us," adding his concerns about the potential impact on his family, "But I am worried about the impact and inside, I think they are too."