Keira Ladlow: Woman killed by dog bought to ‘help her mental health’

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<p>Keira Ladlow was killed by her dog Gucci</p> (Keira Ladlow / Facebook)

Keira Ladlow was killed by her dog Gucci

(Keira Ladlow / Facebook)

A young woman was mauled to death by a dog her brother had bought to help her with her mental health, an inquest has heard.

Keira Ladlow was found lifeless in the lounge of her brother’s home in Birmingham on February 5 after his Staffordshire bull terrier cross, Gucci, viciously attacked her.

The 21-year-old, who suffered from emotional unstable personality disorder, had been staying with her brother, Kayden Barrett, due to her mental health, Birmingham coroner’s court heard.

Mr Barrett had taken Gucci in last year after learning that she was being given away because she had previously bitten one of her owner’s other dogs, the BBC reported.

Police were called to her family home shortly after she was found but she was pronounced dead at the scene. (Facebook)
Police were called to her family home shortly after she was found but she was pronounced dead at the scene. (Facebook)

He said the dog “settled in” well and bonded with him and his sister, who was with her every day due to being furloughed from Ladbrokes.

But the night before she died, Ms Ladlow told Mr Barrett she felt Gucci was going to bite her.

He said he put this down to his sister perhaps not taking her medication and had seen nothing to think that would happen.

Mr Barrett left for work on February 5 with Gucci asleep in bed with his sister, but when he returned home at 2pm he found water pouring through the ceiling from the shower and his “lifeless” sister on the floor of the lounge “covered in blood”.

Police were called but Ms Ladlow was pronounced dead at the scene.

Recording a narrative conclusion of Ms Ladlow being attacked by the dog, Birmingham assistant coroner Rebecca Ollivere said “nobody will ever know what caused the tragic shift” in events that day adding it was right the dog was destroyed.

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