Keith Lemon says Holly Willoughby’s husband told him off for not thanking her in his BAFTA speech

Keith Lemon was flabbergasted to win a BAFTA
Keith Lemon was flabbergasted to win a BAFTA

Back in 2016, Keith Lemon – aka Leigh Francis – was shocked to win Best Entertainment Performance at the BAFTA TV awards. So shocked in fact, it led him to making a serious omission in his winning speech.

Speaking on White Wine Question Time, he told host Kate Thornton that while he remembered to thank Celebrity Juice co-star Fearne Cotton, he totally blanked when it came to his other co-star, Holly Willoughby.

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“I thanked my girlfriend and I thanked Fearne Cotton,” he said. “Holly wasn't there, even though obviously I would have thanked Holly because I guess without Holly and Fern back then, I wouldn't have done Celebrity Juice and stuff. They're integral to what I do.”

Missing out Holly didn’t go down well with her husband, Dan Baldwin – a tad awkward for Keith, especially as Dan is also the producer of Celebrity Juice.

Keith said: “I remember Holly's husband – he won't appreciate me saying this – but giving me a hard time for not thanking the girls, even though I did thank Fearne, because she was there. I was just looking at her, just staring at her while I was talking...”

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The TV funnyman said his speech was all over the place, as he didn’t expect to win – especially as he was against entertainment luminaries like Graham Norton and Stephen Fry.

“I just lost my shit totally” he laughed. “I became a posh person because I was in a posh environment.”

It’s not the first time an acceptance speech has annoyed his Juice co-stars. Back in January 2015, Keith unknowingly announced Fearne’s pregnancy at the NTA awards!

Keith Lemon (seen here at the 2012 BAFTA TV awards) said he would lie about his co-stars if they didn't turn up to award ceremonies
Keith Lemon (seen here at the 2012 BAFTA TV awards) said he would lie about his co-stars if they didn't turn up to award ceremonies

“When they didn't go [to an award ceremony], that's when I would start compulsive lying, which I often do,” he laughed.

“I can remember saying one of them is pregnant and I was just lying – and then one of them was. I was just lying. I didn't know!”

Fearne was pregnant with her second child Honey, who was born in September of that year.

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Holly Willoughby recently announced she was leaving Celebrity Juice after 12 years on the show. Keith told Kate in the podcast, which was recorded prior to her announcement, that he couldn’t believe she had stayed with the show for so long.

“To me, she's the female Ant and Dec” she told Kate. “I salute her for staying with me on a Wednesday night recording Celebrity Juice when I throw dildos at her and stuff.”

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