Keith Lemon set fire to Su Pollard's curtains filming 'Through The Keyhole'

Keith Lemmon aka Leigh Francis (Credit: PA)
Keith Lemmon aka Leigh Francis (Credit: PA)

Keith Lemon’s trip to Su Pollard’s house to film Through The Keyhole was quite literally a blazing success.

Lemon (real name Leigh Francis) has hosted the revived version of the 80s show, originally hosted by Sir David Frost and Loyd Grossman, since 2013.

Of the mishap, he told The Jonathan Ross Show: “We were in Su Pollard’s house and we accidentally set fire to her curtains and that wasn’t for the show, it was because we put the lights too close to the curtains.

Su Pollard (Credit: Lia Toby/
Su Pollard (Credit: Lia Toby/

“Then we had to tell her we’d burnt the curtains down. She was a lovely woman. She got some new curtains.”

The Celebrity Juice host went on to tell Ross: “A lot of people ask me whose house would I like to do and I always say your name. I like seeing all your magic tricks. You collect such interesting things.”

But as for whether he’d be comfortable if the tables were turned on him, he said: “I wouldn’t go on Celebrity Juice and I wouldn’t let anyone in my house.”

The interview airs on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday night.

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