Keke Palmer hit Bon Appétit Hot 10 Party in Industry City

Margaret Abrams
David Alvarado

Hustlers actress and Internet meme-making legend Keke Palmer hit Bon Appétit​'s Hot 10 Party in Industry City on Saturday night, alongside media insiders and the BA chefs - who have become online celebrities in their own right thanks to their cheerful, personality-infused cooking videos.

The Brooklyn party was in honor of the annual Bon Appetit Hot 10 list, which spotlights the best restaurants around the country annually. These aren't just the most Instagram-worthy, although the Los Angeles hot spot Konbi's egg salad sandwiches certainly win that category. It's the restaurants that have inventive, unusual dishes you truly can't find other places.

The event included low-key appearances from Bon App chef favorites with their own cult followings, including pickle making Brad Leone and pastry chef/junk food recreator Claire Saffitz, as well as booths from the ten best restaurants so guests could try them all with their go-to celebrity chefs by their side (especially if they opted for VIP tickets).

Konbi's carrots (David Alvarado)

Los Angeles hot spot Konbi was, of course, a must-visit for anyone who salivates over their sandwiches on Instagram, although by 7, they were out of said signature egg salad sandwiches - so I'll have to travel to LA instead.

Instead, the Japanese sandwich shop had colorful carrots with a shishito pistachio dip, which tasted much better than any vegetable has the right to taste.

Oysters and caviar (David Alvarado)

Island Creek Oysters offered up oysters covered in caviar and Richmond, Virginia's Longoven served seeds risotto made with fontina fondue.

New Orleans was represented by new standout The Elysian Bar, which had its famous local favorite, made with grilled okra and topped with harissa and creme fraiche, as well as toasted cumin.

New York's Kopitam served Nasi Lemak, the national dish of Malaysia, made with coconut rice, fried anchovies and hard-boiled egg.

Nashville, Tennessee's Tailor just might have had the standout dish - I'm still thinking about it. They had crispy rice with tamarind, cilantro, peanuts, black chickpeas, chiles and grapefruit.