Kel Mitchell updates fans after hospitalisation

Kel Mitchell has revealed a "bulging disc" was the reason behind his hospitalisation last week.

The Good Burger star, 45, alarmed fans when he said he had been hospitalised due to a "genuinely frightening" health scare.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Kel shared more details of what happened - and the seriousness of the incident.

"For those curious about recent events and my well-being, appreciate the concern and sending love your way. This should bring some clarity," the caption of the post reads.

In the video, he added, "I was out shopping when suddenly the whole room started spinning. So I was like, 'I must be dehydrated so I need to go get some water, some food.' When I did that, the whole right side of my arm was numb, followed by me not being able to swallow. That's when I panicked. And so I drove myself to the hospital."

Mitchell revealed that he failed an "arm and a leg test" as he "could not move" his right arm. Doctors then ordered a CT scan which discovered the bulging disc.

"It was actually a bulging disc that I had from a prior injury that was pressing up against a nerve, mimicking all those symptoms that I was going through," he explained. "I'm thanking God that I am good. Thank y'all for all the prayers in the comments."

The sequel to Good Burger, Good Burger 2, is out on Paramount+ on 22 November.