Kellogg’s Is Apparently Launching a Chocolate Eggo Cereal to Revamp Breakfast

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
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Photo credit: Instagram @cereallife
Photo credit: Instagram @cereallife

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Whether it’s with the waffles or cereal, Kellogg’s Eggo has probably been part of your morning at one time or another. The cereal consists of waffle-shaped pieces that have a maple syrup flavor, so it’s basically like you’re eating the real thing. Now the brand has a new cereal, and we hope you like chocolate in the a.m.

Rumors about the new Eggo Chocolate Waffle Cereal began on Reddit, of course. A photo of stacked box samples was leaked, but the boxes had “sample not intended for sale” on them. Apparently, Kellogg’s has been testing the samples and now they’re expected to hit stores in December 2020. Keep your fingers crossed!

Just like the regular Eggo Cereal, the new variety has the waffle crisscross shape. Not to speak too soon, but chocolate has a way of making things better, so we can’t imagine that this cereal wouldn’t taste good. Plus, it’s bound to create chocolate milk at the bottom of your bowl, which is the ultimate way to end a bowl of cereal.

If you’re already looking forward to the end of the year to get your hands on the latest from Kellogg’s, you do have other chocolatey cereal options to hold you over until then. The Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch recently made a comeback, and there’s always the Hershey’s Kisses Cereal waiting for you on shelves. Yep, chocolate really does make (almost) everything better.

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