Kelsey Parker on her non-stop research into cancer treatments to help husband Tom

The Wanted star Tom Parker's widow Kelsey Parker chats to Kate about her non-stop research into alternative cancer treatments, to try to prolong Tom's life.

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Video transcript

KELSEY PARKER: For me and Tom, and especially me, I was shocked that when we first went in and he got diagnosed, it was like, oh, so you've got glioblastoma. You're stage four. You'll start radio in a few days time, and then you'll have radio and chemo. And then, you'll have some chemo.

And then, it was like, yeah? And there's it's like, no, no, no, that's it. That's all you'll have. And I'm like, what? Like, so there's nothing else you can give him? They're like, no, that's it. That's the standard of care.

And that hasn't actually been changed in, like, coming on 30 years. So for me, I was shocked. I was like, right, I've got research. I've got to find-- there's got to be something else out there. And literally, when he was first diagnosed, we used to joke because it would be, what country are we going to ring tonight? What doctor are we going to speak to?

I think research is key. When you get a stage four, terminal diagnosis, I think you should just research everything that you could possibly do. My friends laugh and say that there was literally no stone that I didn't overturn. Like, I literally covered the board on everything. And even in that final week of him passing, I was still doing stuff to try and keep him alive.


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