Kendall Jenner Does NOT Think That Harry Styles 'Stinks Of BO'

Last month it was reported that Kendall Jenner had ranted to her famous sisters about Harry Styles having an unpleasant body odour in an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The Daily Star published a report that claimed Kendall was fed-up with the One Direction star’s stench, which apparently went “beyond BO”, with the tabloid claiming that footage saw Kendall explain she’d “begged” the star to “shower more”, even quipping “a little deodorant never hurts”.

Now the publication has issued an official apology to Harry for the false report, removing the original story and saying that it is sorry for the wholly inaccurate article that was written back on February 21st.

The official statement reads: “In an article published on February 21 we said that Kendall Jenner had accused Harry Styles of having ‘breathtaking’ body odour that goes 'beyond BO’ and had 'asked him to shower more’ on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

"We have been advised that this was not true and we are happy to set the record straight.”

All we have to say is that we ruddy knew it, we mean, Harry clearly smells of freshly cut grass, cookies baking in the oven, a bouquet of roses, and a whole load of other delightful things - and most definitely not BO.

We’re glad that the record has been set straight and hope that poor Harry never got a complex about his pits after the report landed.