Kendrick Lamar new album theory suggests another will follow DAMN this weekend

Jacob Stolworthy

Kendrick Lamar has only just released his new album and some fans believe he's on the cusp of dropping another one altogether this weekend.

Fact Mag reports how Reddit users are speculating that the delayed DAMN is not the only record the rapper has up his sleeve based on the album's lyrics.

The theory suggests that DAMN - released today (14 April - Good Friday) - kills Kendrick off on the record's opening track “Blood,” which is referenced in the lyrics “you have lost something / You've lost your life.”

When paired with Lamar's religious beliefs as well as some choice lyrics from single “The Heart Part 4” (“Dropped one classic / Came right back”), feverish fans are convinced that Kendrick will 'rise from the dead' on Easter Sunday (16 April) by releasing a whole stash of new music.

The theory is backed up by, of all things, seminal scifi film The Matrix. Bear with us.

Other lyrics in “The Heart Part 4” include: “My next album, the whole industry on a ice pack / with TOC, you see the flames” - something Reddit users believe to mean 'the other colour' due to a tweet sent by Sounwave following the release of DAMN stating it's "not the official version."

He followed it up with a tweet including The Matrix character, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne).

Fans are convinced that the appearance of Morpheus has sealed the deal - because his character memorably offers Keanu Reeves' protagonist Neo two pills (one red, one blue), could Kendrick be on the cusp of releasing a new record with a blue cover, compared with DAMN's red one?

Fuelling the fire was Kendrick himself who later made his Spotify profile picture him against a background of blue bricks.

Is it likely? Perhaps not - but if anyone can pull the rug from under your feet, it's Kendrick Lamar.

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