Kentucky Man Clears Driveway With Flamethrower While Dressed as Cousin Eddie

A Kentucky man came up with a novel way of cleaning his driveway on Christmas Day, using a flamethrower to melt the snow outside his home.

Footage recorded by Elizabeth Browning in Ashland shows her husband, Tim, shooting flames at the ground while dressed as Cousin Eddie from the ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.’

Browning told Storyful, “Tim went out on Christmas morning to clear the driveway for his grandmother who was coming over for Christmas.”

As both he and his son, Aaden, shoveled snow outside, Tim decided to get his flamethrower to see if it would remove the rest of the snow and ice. He then donned a Cousin Eddie costume while his wife dressed up as the Grinch for the video they filmed for family and friends.

“It cleaned the driveway off perfectly,” she said. Credit: Elizabeth Browning via Storyful