Keresley homes left without water after youngsters seen messing about

Some householders in Keresley were left without water during Sunday's hot spell due to a damaged hydrant. As temperatures soared, locals in the area had no water due to damage caused to a fire hydrant on the corner of Somers Road, Charity Road and Beaumont Road.

Posts on social media showed some youngsters frolicking in the huge stream of water yesterday afternoon (June 2). But Severn Trent has warned of the 'serious' impact of hydrant 'misuse'.

Sophie Evans Young, regional water lead at Severn Trent, said: “We received reports yesterday of a hydrant which was being misused in Keresley, which caused some supply issues for a small number of customers in the area. We dispatched an engineer who fixed the issue and supply has now been returned to all affected customers."

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She went on to say:"Hydrant misuse is a serious matter which can impact the level and quality of supply to people in the local area, including vulnerable people. We strongly urge anyone who spots potential misuse of the water network to contact us at, or to visit where there is a form that can be completed."

It is not the first time there have been issues locally. Back during the heatwave in 2022, there was a spate of incidents with fire crews threatened while trying to fix a hydrant in Wood End in nearby Coventry.

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