'Ketchup boat guy' plans to paint a Heinz bottle on his new boat after the company came up with more cash

Photo of Elvis Francois smiling whilst holding a ketchup bottle and Dominica flag
Elvis Francois ate ketchup and seasonings for 24 days while stranded at sea.Emo News
  • Heinz gave Elvis Francois another $9,900 this week on top of the almost $15,000 it donated in April.

  • He previously told Insider the initial donation wasn't enough to buy a GPS system for his new boat.

  • Francois survived weeks at sea on ketchup in January and Heinz wanted to help him get a new boat.

Heinz has given the "ketchup boat guy" more cash after its initial contribution wasn't enough to cover the cost of a new boat equipped with a navigation system.

The company paid Elvis Francois $26,761 East Caribbean dollars ($9,900) on Tuesday so he could complete work on his boat.

"I'm happy because it can help me finish my boat," he told Insider. "I'm very grateful for what they did and I appreciate it, so I want to thank them by painting a Heinz ketchup bottle on the side of the boat."

The fisherman from Dominica says he expects work on the boat to be completed next week and plans to start fishing again immediately.

Insider reported in April that Heinz gave him almost $15,000, but that wasn't enough to cover the cost of both a new boat and a GPS system. The company had offered Francois "a new boat equipped with full navigational technology to avoid another disaster in the future". 

The funds covered the cost of a small boat and two outboard motors. Insider viewed documentation of the sum Heinz paid him and receipts for his spending. 

Photo of Elvis Francois' new rowboat
Elvis Francois plans to paint a Heinz bottle on his new boat.Elvis Francois

The Colombian navy rescued Francois in January after he survived 24 days at sea on just ketchup and seasonings.

The ketchup maker then appealed to the public to locate him through a social media campaign in February so it could give him a new boat.

Dominican media outlet Emo News tracked him down and Heinz offered to source a boat for Francois or give him $15,000 to buy one himself. The 47-year-old opted to take the cash.

A Heinz representative told Insider: "We're happy that Elvis is safely able to get back on water."

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