Kevin Bacon Says He Makes Kyra Sedgwick These 3-Ingredient Pancakes for Sunday Breakfast

What can't Kevin Bacon do?

<p>Paras Griffin / Getty Images; Daniel Cortez / Getty Images</p>

Paras Griffin / Getty Images; Daniel Cortez / Getty Images

We’re sweet on pancake breakfasts — or breakfast for dinners. From soufflé-style and sourdough-based to scallion and Swedish, there’s a world full of pancakes out there — and we love exploring it.

In most cases, we like to be maximalists about our short stacks. Showers of sheet pan berry syrup? Sure. Candied pecans to take things over the top? Bring it on. Thick slabs of Mt. Tam Cheese? Yes, please.

However, Kevin Bacon, who could be considered a patron saint of breakfast thanks to his apt name and a recent collab with IHOP, has us strongly considering taking a minimalist turn.

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In the new Sexiest Man Alive issue of People, the 65-year-old actor admitted that he's about as famous in his inner circle for his 3-ingredient flapjacks as he is for movies like Footloose and a Few Good Men.

"Sometimes what I do on Sunday morning, when I'm feeling like I need a little power — and usually this happens when my wife, Kyra [Sedgwick], is asleep, so I have to whisper — I make these pancakes that don't have any flour," Bacon told People in an interview, which ran alongside photos of him cracking an egg into a bowl and standing in front of a skillet on the stove. "The response is good. People are like, 'Wow, is that a pancake? You don't have any flour in this at all, huh?'"

The "Sexiest Man" delegate can currently be seen on screen in the thriller movie Leave the World Behind. While at home, between films and TV shows, especially in the morning, he can be seen rounding up the key ingredients for his easy pancake recipe: eggs, banana, and almond butter.

"The banana makes it sweet, the almond butter gives you tons of protein, and the egg makes it hold together," Bacon said. "They're absolutely delicious. They're really, really good for you, but even if they weren't good for you, I would still make them."

Sometimes, he sprinkles in some cinnamon, and for kids, Bacon finishes each stack with a smiley face constructed with blueberries.

Family meals have been a mainstay for Bacon for years. In fact, he takes pride that he and Kyra taught their now-adult children (Travis, 34 and Sosie, 31) the value of cooking at home and gathering around the table.

"Did I teach them how [to cook]? Not really, but if they see us cooking night after night [and] pretty much every night when they were little had a meal as a family, that was part of the deal," he added.

Bacon readily admitted that he struggles with one thing that stresses Kyra: sticking to a recipe. (Bacon told People he's more "loosey-goosey" with cooking than she is.)

"Now, here's the thing about me as a cook. I have no idea about measurements. I just never measured things. [Kyra] likes to have the recipe read it, and follow it. I rarely follow a recipe. I love recipes because I learn something new, and I get inspired by something. I like that stuff, but I generally adjust it," Bacon explained.

If all this breakfast banter has you craving your own platter, score some inspiration from our timeless pancake recipes. While they're tested and perfected, we won't mind if you get a little Footloose and take liberties.

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