Kevin Durant jokes he'll 'wait to see who wins the championship' before next contract

Kevin Durant was criticized pretty heavily for joining the Golden State Warriors in free agency. Ultimately, he had the last laugh. He won a ring with the club, and was named Finals MVP.

But it’s not like Durant has forgotten all the jabs he received from people who believed he was a frontrunner. In an interview with The Athletic, Durant poked fun at himself, joking that he would wait to see who won the championship before signing his next contract.

“Well, actually,” Durant said, his sarcastic grin obvious, ready to lean into an Internet joke about him. “I want to wait to see who wins the championship and whoever wins that, that’s who I’m going to sign with.”

That next deal might come sooner than most people realize. Durant’s contract with the Warriors contains an opt-out for this summer. In a few months, he could be a free-agent.

The Athletic article covers just that, asking Durant if it’s a sure-thing that he’ll be back with the Warriors next season. Durant answers that question by saying, “Yeah,” so there’s no need for Warriors fans to panic at the moment.

It also helps that Durant had an opt-out last season. He exercised that, and then returned to the Warriors at a lower price than expected. Unless something goes drastically wrong between now and the end of the season, Durant could be in for a repeat this summer.

Maybe there’s some truth in Durant trying to be funny, though. If he can help lead the Warriors to another title, his joke will turn into a pretty accurate prediction.

Kevin Durant has no problem poking fun at himself. (AP Photo)

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