Kevin Hart Received A Sweet Birthday Message From Will Smith, And Jamie Foxx Chimed In With A Fun Suggestion

 Kevin Hart looks into the distance in Fatherhood, Will Smith chews out his on-screen partner in Bad Boys: Ride or Die and Jamie Foxx faces a creature on screen in Day Shift.
Credit: Netflix/Sony Pictures Releasing

Kevin Hart has amassed a lot of celebrity friends throughout his time as a Hollywood A-lister. Considering the connections that he’s made, he typically takes time out to wish his famous pals well on their birthdays and does that in fun ways. (Hart’s insult-laced tribute to Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson a few years ago was particularly funny.) Now, the comedian is getting a bit of that love back, as Will Smith wished him well on his b-day this weekend. The two ultimately shared a sweet exchange, and fellow actor Jamie Foxx popped in with a suggestion that honestly sounds fun.

The Hancock star posted a birthday message for his buddy this past Saturday, on which the Jumanji alum turned 45. Will Smith celebrated the occasion by sharing a video of an encounter between him and Kevin Hart. In the clip, one can see the two entertainers getting into a humorous debate about sweaters. Smith also included a funny caption, and you can see the post in its entirety:

I guess you really can’t underestimate the power of a good sweater. But, seriously, this is a great tribute from the Oscar winner, who’s known for shouting out his friends on their birthdays. What’s particularly special about this tribute is that he and the Lift star share something in common. As mentioned in the clip, they’re both Philadelphia natives and are indeed proud of where they come from. The Think Like a Man star referenced that link when commenting on the post himself:

Love u man …. Stand up Philly.

Honestly, it’s hard not to appreciate that kind of love between two friends, and what I love even more is one another buddy jumps in to share even more sweet thoughts. Jamie Foxx, who’s been settling in to work again following his medical emergency last year, sent Kevin Hart love as well. He also tagged Will Smith and made a proposal that sounds cool:

Happy birthday [Kevin Hart] yo [Will Smith] why don’t we take this to Paris?

A guys’ trip to France? That honestly sounds like a move, if you ask me. It’s honestly kind of funny to think of these three sitting in the City of Lights and chopping it up while wearing fancy sweaters. But, then again, I’d imagine that to be a pretty epic trip filled with plenty of laughs. Of course, the key to making such an overseas excursion happen would be for the three megastars to carve time out of their busy schedules.

Will Smith has two movies on the way. Smith is starring in the thriller film Sugar Bandits, which was written by The Town’s Chuck Hogan. And, following Bad Boys: Ride or Die’s box office success, Smith lined up another gig in the form of science fiction flick Resistor. Meanwhile, Kevin Hart is looking towards the release of upcoming video game film Borderlands, which releases later this summer amid the 2024 movie schedule. It’s likely that Hart will be doing quite a bit of press for that blockbuster. Additionally, Jamie Foxx will surely be promoting Netflix’s Back in Action later this year and is still holding down hosting duties on the game show Beat Shazam.

Despite all of their professional obligations, I’d imagine that this trio could find some time to get together. Here’s hoping that Kevin Hart had a great birthday and that he, Will Smith and Jamie Foxx do eventually take that trip to Paris or to another location. If anything, I’d just love to see the photos and hear the stories that would come out of such a vacation.