KFC mashed potato and two other sides have finally arrived in the UK – here’s where to find them

Abha Shah

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s radical announcement that KFC has cut the price of 20 hot wings to just £5.99, there’s more exciting news from the KFC coop.

The American fast food giants have announced the addition of three new items to their menu, including US favourite, mashed potatoes.

Granted, it’s not exactly on par with say, a cronut or croiffle in terms of food innovation, but it is very welcome news for anyone who’s dined in an American KFC where the carb-heavy side doused with KFC’s famous gravy is a Stateside staple.

The ‘delicious creamy mash’ offers less calories than fries (110 calories and 2.5g fat, versus 250 calories and 11g fat for regular portions), which until now, has been the potato companion of choice to the Colonel’s secret recipe chicken.

The long-awaited mash entered KFC’s menu line-up after years of hopeful wishing and impassioned Tweeting. One die-hard fan, Adam Kelly, even went so far as to launch a Change.org petition, which has been signed by 214 like-minded others.

A regular portion of mash will cost 99p while a large will set you back £1.69.

The other two new sides are Southern rice, a ’mildly spicy colourful rice with veggies’ and a ‘fresh and crunchy’ garden salad finished with buttermilk dressing.

The three new entrants take KFC’s Snack and Side offering to 25 items. You can find the new sides at KFC stores all across the UK and Ireland.

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