Khalid Masood: London attacker 'would do Telegraph crossword' but 'was a bit racist'

Lucy Pasha-Robinson
Emergency services assist Khalid Masood after he fatally stabbed policeman Keith Palmer before being shot to death: PA

The Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood would “do the Telegraph crossword” but was “a bit racist”, according to the landlady of his local pub.

Alice Williams of the Rose and Crown in Beckley, near Rye, described him as "intelligent but odd" and “always slightly sinister.”

The 59-year-old said: “He was very intelligent but always slightly sinister. He would do the Telegraph crossword and, to be fair, would make intelligent conversation but he was a bit racist."

On Wednesday’s attack that claimed four victims, she added: "I can't say I'm surprised. He always had a chip on his shoulder. I'm surprised he became quite that extreme.

"There was obviously something going on in his head at the time but he was an intelligent man. He would come in when the other pub was closed.

"He wasn't a heavy drinker. He was just sinister and quirky."

Police investigating the atrocity revealed Masood was born Adrian Russell Ajao in Kent.

The 52-year-old terrorist armed with two knives, mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge and mowed his car through a crowd of people, including schoolchildren.

He was then shot dead by armed officers in the courtyard outside the Houses of Parliament after he stabbed Pc Keith Palmer, who died of his wounds.

At least 50 people were injured in the attack and 31 needed hospital treatment. It is believed 29 people remain in hospital, five of whom are in a critical condition and two have life threatening injuries.

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