Meet the inspirational seven-year-old baseball fan with a robot arm

Hailey Dawson hopes to throw her way into the record books (Getty)

A seven-year-old baseball fan who was born without three of the fingers on her right hand hopes to throw her way into the record books.

Hailey Dawson wears a special 3D printed glove held together with fishing line, which enables her to write and – more importantly – throw.

Hailey throwing the first pitch back in June, when the Washington Nationals took on the Texas Rangers at Nationals Park (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty)

Hailey was delighted to throw the first pitch for the Baltimore Orioles in 2015 and the Washington Nationals in June of this year.


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Two isn’t enough for the determined little girl however, and she hopes to complete the set by bagging the same gig for the 28 other major league teams – picking up a world record in the process.

A video of her story has gone viral since being shared by sports site Bleacher Report, receiving more than 11,000 likes and 4,000 retweets.

Things are looking good as a result, with 16 teams already responding via Twitter to say that they’d love to host the sassy seven-year-old.