Are You Kidding Me? Baby Goats Say No to Maine Snow

A trio of baby goats expressed little interest as they stepped into snowy weather in south Maine on Friday, January 7, quickly turning back to the warmth of their barn after just a few seconds in the chilly outdoors.

Earlier that morning, snow was falling at a rate of up to an inch per hour along Maine’s coast, the National Weather Service said.

Megan Norwood, the owner of Marbell Acres hobby farm in Woolwich, near the coast, said the baby goats – named Griswold, Chicory, and Mistletoe – were born less than three weeks earlier on December 19.

“Everyone ran out for breakfast this morning…except for Thistle’s triplets…they turned around real quick,” Norwood wrote as she posted the video on Facebook.

Their mother, Thistle, had bolted out of the barn ahead of them, Norwood told Storyful. “They were wondering why she led them astray in the snow,” she joked.

By 4.30 pm, between 3 and 4 inches of snow had been reported near Woolwich. Credit: Megan Norwood via Storyful

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