My kids are addicted to caviar — I might need to get a second job

My kids are addicted to caviar — I might need to get a second job

A mom says her kids’ expensive caviar addiction could force them to move to skid roe. 

A pediatrician and mom of three shocked parents and foodies alike when she confessed her children’s precocious and pricey favorite food in a recent video post.

“Who’s going to fund my kids’ caviar addiction?” wrote the physician, who goes by Dr. Niky or NikyMamaMD on social media, in a recent video shared with her hundreds of thousands of followers.

Niky went on to share an exchange with two of her kids in which they told her what they’d like to eat for lunch.

“You think having kids is expensive? Imagine when your 3 and 5-year-old request THIS for lunch,” read the text atop the footage.

After asking her kids whether they’d prefer grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly or bread with cream cheese and caviar, they gave her the following response.

One of her kids said, “Bread with cream cheese and caviar and raspberries.”

Her child specifically requested scallion cream cheese and also wanted her mom to make her a second sandwich made from raspberry, cream cheese and another cheese along with a side of Pirate’s Booty snack.

“And this is all for lunch?,” the mom then asked before saying, “Okay I’m gonna have to get a second job.”

She then asked one of her kids if they wanted string cheese or gouda cheese on the side to which they requested gouda — and checked to make sure her mom wasn’t giving her some “knockoff,” the mom explained in text atop the video.

After serving her kid’s their meals, one of them said: “Wow thanks and also I asked for another sandwich but it’s fine.”

“Mommy’s gonna need to make a lot more money to support this lifestyle,” she said back to her.

Then her three-year-old son told his mom that he preferred black caviar to the red sushi roe that she served them.

“You like the black caviar? I’m sorry I only have red caviar,” Niky said before explaining that her kids first tried caviar at their grandma’s house.

“Send help. Anyone else’s kids have expensive taste?” she wrote on top of the end of the video.

Commenters below her video shared that their kids also had some pricey food requests.

“It’s all fun and games until you create a little person addicted to sushi which turns into a teenager with now a $100 order,” one viewer commiserated.