Kids beg for a puppy all the time and third of parents are thinking of caving this holiday season

The average kid will beg their parents for a pet 1,584 times before the age of 18, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 parents of school-aged children found 74% of kids have asked for a pet, and they ask for one an average of 11 times per month starting at age 6. But they're not asking in vain: two-thirds of parents have, eventually, given in — and it's after their child has been asking for three years, on average. Conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Spin Master, the survey revealed the most coveted pet is a dog — 78% have asked specifically for a dog. And parents should be even more prepared to hear, "Can we get a puppy?" as we enter the holiday season. Sixty-two percent of children who've asked their parents for a pet double-down during the holiday season, and they ask seven more times per month. And some kids might soon get to experience the joy of a furry friend: a third of parents surveyed are planning to buy their child a pet this holiday season. Looking back to their own childhood, 46% received a pet as a present — and 89% of those said it was the best present they ever received. "It's a dream come true for a child to receive the ultimate surprise on Christmas morning — a puppy," said Jean Gomez, Vice President of Marketing, Spin Master. "As some parents remember from their own childhood, receiving a pet for the holidays leaves a lasting impression — the ultimate surprise and moment of pure joy can be delivered during the holiday season, without the responsibility (or clean up) of a live pet." While kids are asking (and asking, and asking) their parents for a pet, the survey found they need to do more than just that. Parents felt it was important to start small and build up to getting a new pet (78%) — which might be one of the reasons 25% of respondents wanted their child to show they could care for a toy pet before receiving a live one. "A toy pet can bring so much excitement and joy, while also acting as a step toward getting a real pet," said Gomez. "And while some parents may say no when asked 'can we get a puppy', an interactive pet like Present Pets that barks and paws its way out of the box can deliver that magical experience for the whole family." Eighty-two percent of parents surveyed believe it's important for children to be introduced to — and spend time with — animals. Learning to play gently (58%), learning responsibility (57%) and being encouraged to spend time outdoors (46%) were found to be the top benefits of growing up with pets.

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