Kids' toy in Croydon Hospital deemed 'death trap' after parent spots dirt and bogeys crammed inside

A 'death trap' children's toy in Croydon University Hospital has caused serious concern for parents
-Credit: (Image: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

A toy in the children's department at a South London hospital has been called a "death trap" by a concerned parent online due to how dirty it was. The woman posted a video on TikTok showing the large, cog-like wheels fixed onto the wall that children can play with - but that are covered in layers of dirt, food and even bogeys.

The wheels, which have been cut into splatter-like shapes and work as interlocking cogs, all have deeply embedded dirt inside them, as the video shows in graphic detail. In the video, the woman says: "Guys, look at the state of these toys.

"This is in Mayday children's department, in the hospital. That looks like a build-up of bogeys, food, mould." She even questions whether the debris includes "chopped up onions".

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The camera then pans up to the ceiling and one of the light fixtures, which appears to be covered with some kind of dirt - or even insects. She claimed: "Even if you bring your child here, and they've got a little virus, they are leaving with I don't even know what."

The concerned parent then says the hospital "really needs to do better" and calls for the toy to be cleaned every day, multiple times a day. She claims: "That looks like a death trap."

One comment in response to the video simply says: "It's in Croydon. What did you expect. Jokes aside, that's gross."

A spokesperson from Croydon Health Services NHS Trust said: “We take the cleanliness and hygiene of our clinical areas very seriously and are aware of the importance this plays in keeping our patients safe and well. A deep clean has been completed on this item and we have worked with our cleaning contractors to ensure it forms part of our daily cleaning round.”

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