Kids tying themselves in knots these days | Brief letters

If the scouts had all the leaders they needed, perhaps children would be able to properly tie their shoelaces, suggests Rev Margaret Jones. Photograph: GSO Images/Getty Images

Some of us were fortunate enough to learn the difference between a reef (“square”) knot and a granny knot, and hence the correct way to tie shoelaces (Report, 12 April), in the Scouts or Guides. If these organisations had the extra leaders they need (Report, 12 April), future generations would share this vital knowledge – and matters of even greater significance besides.
Rev Margaret Jones

• Saira Zafar’s repetition of the English Defence League’s accusation that “(t)his is a Christian country, not your country” (I just want to say thanks for stepping in to support me, 11 April) begs the question as to what the EDL thinks a Christian country would look like. I suspect the Christian virtues of love, peace, respect, kindliness and tolerance would not figure in their warped thinking and understanding of the Christian faith.
Canon David Jennings
Canon theologian, Leicester cathedral

• A full-page interview with Barry Hearn (Sport, 11 April), and not one word about Leyton Orient – the football club Hearn sold for £4m a few years ago to an absentee owner who brought it to the brink of ruin and possible extinction.
Graham Larkbey

• A reference to the old Banda machine (Letters, 11 April) brought back a wry memory. I was teaching at the time in a community college in the north-east. I think I was down to do English with gas fitters that day and turned up to the faithful Banda machine, worksheet in hand, ready to roll off 50 copies for my students, only to be met by one of them shaking his head sympathetically in my direction, and saying: “Sorry, Miss, the Banda’s busted today. You’re gonna have to talk to us.” 
Mary Cockburn

• Further to completing forms (Letters, 11 April), a colleague, surnamed Burnip, once dictated his name and address over the phone. To make things plainer he added that it could be thought of as turnip with a B. He got a letter back addressed to Mr Turnip-Witherby.
Ronald Tasker
Etwall, Derbyshire

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