Kieran Tripper 'stitched up' in England training and demands ‘get that camera away’

England player Kieran Trippier pulls up his shorts during England training ahead of their friendly match against Bosnia and Herzegovina.
-Credit: (Image: Stu Forster/Getty Images)

England full-back Kieran Trippier found himself the butt of a joke during training, courtesy of his international team-mates.

The Newcastle right-back was involved in a friendly juggling game at the team's indoor facilities when he was left scrambling for the ball. The harmless fun, shared online by England, saw Trippier humorously demand to "get the camera away" after Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale knocked the ball towards him, only for it to be clumsily parried away during a game of keepie-uppie.

Earlier in the clip, posted on the official YouTube channel of the England national team, Kieran had already 'lost' the game and laughed it off. However, after a second mishap where he seemed to be the target, he began to chuckle and playfully repeated the phrase "let me talk, let me talk".

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This phrase could have been a playful dig at Belgian international Kevin De Bruyne, whose previous outburst became a viral sensation on social media when his voice cracked during a heated exchange with former Manchester City team-mate David Silva.

This incident took place at half-time during a Champions League match against Napoli in 2017 and it's likely that Trippier would be well aware of this viral clip, which continues to circulate as a meme on social media, reports the Mirror.

Jack Grealish, Declan Rice and Jordan Pickford were all also involved in the fun football game. Kieran Trippier joked that he was unfairly facing a "five versus one" gameplay.

Ramsdale attempted to appease the lighthearted situation by explaining to Trippier that the other players were simply "setting each other up", to which the star agreed.

Trippier was stitched up by his England team-mates during training
Trippier was stitched up by his England team-mates during training -Credit:England/YouTube

Then, pointing at the filming crew and hilariously asked: "Get that camera away from me". In response, the squad gathered around him in a jovial attempt to alleviate his fake frustration.

Grealish, the Manchester City ace, playfully reassured Trippier that the subsequent round would be "an easy one" for him. The Newcastle man observed with a smile as Grealish tossed the ball over his head and ran off laughing.

The England team are currently training ahead of their friendly match this evening against Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is part of their preparatory efforts for Euro 2024 games later this month.

Notably, another friendly against Iceland awaits The Three Lions this Friday (June 7). On Sunday, June 16, they will kick off Euro 2024 with their initial group stage match against Serbia, following which they face Denmark and Slovenia in Group C.

English fans eager to catch the match tonight against Bosnia and Herzegovina can tune into Channel 4 at 7:45pm. The fixture will take place at St James' Park, the home ground of Newcastle United - coincidentally, it's where Trippier plays his club football.