Latest collection by 10-year-old 'mini Monet' painting prodigy worth £1.5m sells in just 20 minutes

Rebecca Lewis
Kieron Williamson, 10, at work on a painting in Norfolk (Albanpix Ltd / Rex Features)

When Kieron Williamson asked for a sketch pad at the tender age of five, his parents thought nothing of their son's artistic ability.

But just five years later the prodigy's paintings have earned him £1.5m - and his latest collection sold for £250,000 in just 20 minutes.

Dubbed the 'Mini Monet', Kieron, from Norfolk, first took to painting when he spotted boats in dock during a family holiday to Cornwall in 2008.

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Childlike paintings soon evolved into mature art and he debuted his work in 2009 at the age of seven. His colourful landscapes were sold for £14,000 in a sealed-bid auction.

Since then buyers from New York, South Africa and China have been clamouring to get hold of the young artist's work.

And last week 23 of his works including setting suns and snowy farmyards - the latter sold for £30,000 - were bought for a total of £242,000 in a 20 minute sale.

Despite his phenomenal success Kieron, who divides his time between painting in acrylic, watercolour and oil, with football and playing with his games console, has only just finished primary school.

His parents Keith and Michelle Williamson, 46 and 40, will homeschool him next year so he can concentrate on painting.

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His fortune - all £1.5m of it - is being invested on his behalf until he is 18, but Kieron was able to buy a new home for his parents.

Kieron has his own company, Kieron Williamson Limited, which has his parents as directors, and will be opening his own gallery later in the year.