Killed Bank Hostage's Family Sue Police

Killed Bank Hostage's Family Sue Police

The family of a female hostage who was killed during a gun battle between bank robbers and officers have sued the police department.

Relatives of Misty Holt-Singh accuse law enforcement of using unreasonable force during the July 2014 shoot-out.

Ms Holt-Singh was one of three women taken hostage by three men after they robbed a bank in Stockton, California.

The ensuing high-speed chase ended in a hail of bullets, leaving Ms Holt-Singh and two of the robbery suspects dead.

The two other hostages - both bank employees - were thrown from the stolen getaway vehicle during the chase.

Authorities said Ms Holt-Singh was struck by 10 bullets during the gunfight - part of which was captured by amateur video.

A report commissioned by Stockton police released on Monday said officers fired 600 rounds at the vehicle.

The report said the amount of gunfire was excessive and unnecessary, and that some officers only fired because other officers were shooting.

Ms Holt-Singh's family claims in the lawsuit filed on Tuesday that officers fired without a line of sight on the hostage or the suspects.

The bank robbers were armed with handguns and an AK-47 and fired more than 100 rounds at police, authorities said.

Police said the captured robbery suspect, 19-year-old Jaime Ramos, used Ms Holt-Singh as a human shield during the final moments of the gun battle.

Stockton city officials have not commented on the lawsuit.