Killer kite-flying threads leave over 700 birds injured in northern India

Kite-flying, once considered a leisure activity, has now become a matter of grave concern in India.

More than 700 birds, including pigeons, eagles, cranes, crows, parrots and peacocks were reported to be injured between August 13 and August 15 in northern India's Delhi state.

The clip filmed on August 18 shows The Charity Bird Hospital treating the birds with the worst injuries, however, unfortunately over 200 of the injured birds could not be saved.

Kite-fliers have been known to coat these strings, known as 'manja', with crushed glass or other similarly hard-edged substances to be able to cut down other kites in contests.

Even though the government had banned the use of Chinese 'manja' back in 2017, people tend to use them in massive numbers especially during the Independence Day celebrations on August 15.

Apart from birds, at least 17 incidents of people getting injured with 'manjas' were reported on August 15 when the kite-flying activities peak.