Kilmarnock and Loudoun's new MP on 'poignant moment' amid Labour landslide

Lillian Jones
-Credit: (Image: David Gordon/East Ayrshire Council)

In the wee, small hours of Friday, May 8, 2015, events at the Galleon Leisure Centre were about to kick-off one of the most monumental results in Scotland at a General Election.

Alan Brown overturned a majority of 12,378 - a 25 point swing - to win Kilmarnock and Loudoun for the SNP and spark a landslide that would see them take 56 out of 59 seats.

Nine years later, this time defending a majority of 12,659, his tenure was ended as Kilmarnock and Loudoun went back to Labour - their first Scottish seat in a landslide that would see them take 37 of Scotland’s 57 seats.

For Lillian Jones, the new MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun, it was a “poignant moment”.

Speaking exclusively to Ayrshire Live after the results were declared, she said: “It is very much a poignant moment.

“I was here in 2015 and that was when then MP Cathy Jamieson lost her seat on the back of the independence referendum.

“We were left with one MP in Scotland so winning this here tonight felt really good.

“We’re just waiting to see the other results coming in across Scotland to understand how big this election has been for Scotland.

“Initially, I thought it was going to be really close, that’s what was coming through in the polls.

“I acknowledge that many people voted Scottish Labour for the first time tonight or they have came back and that is really encouraging.

“I am absolutely delighted and grateful to receive such an overwhelming amount of votes.”

For the next five years, Lillian has promised to work hard for her new constituents. She added: “I am going to get my head down and work to deliver what I said I am going to deliver.

Alan Brown
Alan Brown -Credit:David Gordon/East Ayrshire Council

“I am going to do my absolute best to improve people’s lives and to create jobs and opportunities for our young people. I am going to be focused on the people’s priorities.

“I am going to be a constituency based MP, I’m going to be here when you need me and I am going to fight your corner all the way down at Westminster.”

Following her victory, Lillian thanked outgoing MP Alan Brown for his time in office. Their political leanings may be different but Alan, a man driven by his duty to serve his constituents, also wished his successor good luck in her fight to help his former constituents.

Speaking after the declarations, Alan said: “Obviously, my initial reaction is disappointment at losing my seat.

“I have loved working as an MP for the area, I loved representing the constituents of Kilmarnock and Loudoun and I love trying to help people. There’s disappointment that I am not in the position to do that.

“Going forward, I’ll review my options and see what the future holds. As someone just said to me, 'as one door closes, another door opens' so we will see what happens.

“It’s been a privilege and an honour. I love the area and that was what the real privilege was.

“Genuinely, getting results for people and helping them get outcomes that are potentially life changing for them gives so much job satisfaction and that is what I love doing.

“I’ve helped people stay in the country that might’ve been deported, I’ve got people life changing sums of money, things like that make me really proud and proud of the staff that worked for me.”

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