Kim Cattrall fans think her recent post is a subtle dig at Sex and the City

Kim Cattrall fans have speculated that her latest Instagram post is a subtle dig at the Sex and the City franchise.

The actor, who played Manhattan PR woman Samantha Jones in all six series and two films in the franchise, made an appearance at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Friday (11 November).

The star was presented with the Screen Icon prize at the ceremony, and in her speech, she told the crowd: “This is what happens when you go where you’re celebrated and not where you’re tolerated.”

Cattrall then shared Glamour’s post of this quote to her Instagram profile on Sunday (13 November).

Many of Cattrall’s followers have perceived the quote as a reference to tensions she had with her Sex and the City co-stars – Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis – who have all gone on to star in spin-off show And Just Like That.

“The show without you is so boring,” wrote one fan.

“I can’t watch the show with the ridiculous new characters and storylines and no Samantha. Everyone’s in an identity crisis and they act like they just woke up in their fifties!” added another.

“The glow up is real. She endured and then left when the time was right,” said a third.

A fourth posted: “Ouch is that meant for anyone in particular?”

Reports of tensions between Cattrall and Parker have been around for years. While appearing on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories in 2017, Cattrall said that Parker “could have been nicer” about her refusal to take part in a proposed thirdSex and the City movie. She also added that the stars of the show, including Nixon and Davis, were “never friends”.

Cattrall went further in February 2018, following the death of her brother Chris. After Parker wrote a comment of condolence on Cattrall’s Instagram, Cattrall posted a photo of a message that read: “I don’t need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker.”

In And Just Like That, Samantha is said to have moved to London after falling out with Parker’s character, Carrie.

Speaking in a podcast earlier this year, Parker said: “It’s very hard to talk about the situation with Kim.

“There were just a lot of public conversations about how she felt about the show.”

She said she found these “very painful” because they did not reflect “our experience”.

Parker added: “I’ve spent a lot of years working really hard to always be decent to everybody on the set, to take care of people, to be responsible to and for people, both my employers and the people that I feel I’m responsible for as a producer of the show.

“And there just isn’t anyone else who’s ever talked about me this way.”