Kim chooses her battles when it comes to haters – here’s how

Kim chooses her battles when it comes to haters – here’s how

Cape Town – Kim Kardashian is known for her lasting clap backs on Twitter, and while they are rare there’s a reason for it.

In a new post on her website the mom-of-three explains how she decides to speak up or stay quiet as well as how she approaches responding to online haters.

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According to E! News, clapping back didn’t come easy as she used to let negative comments get to her.

“I used to be really sensitive—I'd have Google Alerts and look on websites and get so upset, but now I don't really care.”

Now, Kim says when she reads negative things about herself she takes a step back and asks herself: “Will this affect me in a week? In a month? In a year?”

When it comes to the people she loves however, Kim has no mercy.

“If it's something that really bothers me, I'll respond. If it's going to make me feel better to say something, then I have to do it," Kim reveals, adding: “I'm especially protective over my family, so if someone hates on them, I'll always stick up for them.”

Her last piece of advice is to “just do you and don't give in to the negativity.”