New sweet shop stocking range of novelty American confectionery launches

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The new Candy Kabin shop has launched in Blackburn and features a range of novelty American candy
The new Candy Kabin shop has launched in Blackburn and features a range of novelty American candy

A NEW sweet shop has opened in Blackburn selling novelty American confectionery.

The Candy Kabin is based in Darwen Street, close to Barclays Bank, and is the second branch to open in the region following the launch of the Rochdale store in 2019.

The location was formerly a pawnbrokers and then a carpet shop.

Rumaan Saeed who runs the new shop alongside his family said they were delighted to be bringing their range of sweets to Blackburn.

He said: “We took over the location in early April and set about renovating the interior.

“The new shop is slightly larger than our Rochdale one. We came up with the idea when we noticed there were no dedicated sweet shops anymore.

“American confectionery brands such as the Jolly Rancher, Sour Patch and Hershey's are really popular but we also like to stock a massive range of pick and mix that people of all ages love.

"We have an amazing Jolly Rancher Slush range which we import from the US, an ice cream bar serving gelato and milkshakes in all kinds of flavours.

“In Rochdale, we remained opened throughout the pandemic, as we were classed as a food retail store.

"It was really busy as we as we were one of a handful of shops open so people used to pop in on their walks during lockdown.”

Lancashire Telegraph:
Lancashire Telegraph:

Amongst the range of sweets and chocolates on sale, are ‘novelty soft drinks’ with the images of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, former Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi and Al-Qaeda head Osama bin Laden, as well as former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Rumaan said: “We get all sorts of novelty drinks from across the world. These particular ones come imported from America.

“Gaddafi is a cream soda, Kim Jong Un is a lemonade, whilst the Osama one is the cola flavour and Fidel Castro is the banana flavour.”

“They were popular in the Rochdale store but since we have opened here they are proving to be good sellers.”

Lancashire Telegraph:
Lancashire Telegraph:

Rumaan says the store is open seven days a week and the response from Blackburn customers has been positive.

He added: “We have something for everyone so are getting people of all ages coming through our door.

“We have had a great response in Blackburn as we have some things that people cannot get anywhere else.”

Lancashire Telegraph:
Lancashire Telegraph: