Kim Kardashian accused by baffled fans of ‘photoshopping’ her entire family into new group photo

Kim Kardashian found herself at the centre of fresh Photoshop allegations after fans questioned the authenticity of a new group photo she shared on social media of her family from their annual Christmas Eve party.

The SKIMS mogul 42, took to Instagram earlier this week to share some glamerous images of her with her famous siblings and mum Kris Jenner, but eagle-eyed fans were quick to call out a number of distortions that suggested digital wizardry could be at play.

One shot that people couldn’t get over in the comments section showed Kim posing with sisters Kourtney, 43, Khloe, 38, Kendall, 27, and Kylie, 25, plus, mum Kris, 67.

While it was certainly a lovely photo, some accused Kim of Photoshopping it, with others claiming it looked as if they had all been added in separately to create the illusion of a group picture.

Keyboard detectives even suggested that the placement of Kendall’s feet gave proved that it had been edited.

“Did they just take everyone’s favourite picture and paste it all together?” questioned one.

“Why though? It’s so hard to take a picture together? Isn’t it harder to photoshop each and every one in? This family is baffling,” pondered another.

With a third chiming in: “Why does it look photoshopped.”

Adding: “I’d like to see the unedited version.”

The Standard have contaacted a representative for Kim Kardashian for comment.

The Kardashians and Jenners have found themselves accused of various Photoshop fails over the years.

Just last month, people zoomed in on the picture Kris alleged was the one she was sending out as her 2022 Christmas card.

The image surprised fans as it also featured her boyfriend Corey Gamble and was the first time in their eight years of being in a relationship that they have appeared on a Christmas card together.

Many felt that something seemed off about the post, however.

“This is too basic looking for you ma’am,” remarked one.

“So much effort has gone into this card,” joked another.

“Corey looking like he gotta pee,” added a third, followed by a crying with laughter emoji.