Kim Kardashian Says, Happy Birthday Duchess Kate! Buy My Shoes

Duchess Kate Middleton turned 30 with well wishes from dignitaries around the world, we're sure. A year ago, royal wedding hoopla was all anyone could talk about. Thankfully Kate appears to have settled into her regal duties and seems to still be very much in love with Prince William. The princess also received birthday greetings from America's reality TV princess, Kim Kardashian. Kim has posted the special "Happy Bday Kate" video to her Shoe Dazzle YouTube channel and blog.

Kim and her Shoe Dazzle line have created a gorgeous new shoe to make "every woman feel like a princess." In the video Kimberly says that the heels, created with the British princess in mind, are available now on the website. She then holds up a lovely quilted, black leather pump that evokes the timelessness of the Chanel brand. We wonder if the Duchess of Cambridge is rushing out to order a pair.

Other celebs who have recently turned 30 include the recently engaged Britney Spears and Blue Ivy Carter's new mom, Beyonce Knowles. No word on whether KK will create special shoes for them or if this is just an honor reserved for royalty.

So you've already ordered a pair of Duchess by Kim shoes and you want more? Here's what's new on the empire front for Lady Kardashian:

Success Magazine

Kim covers the current issue of Success Magazine in a navy blue power pants suit. The business mag dubbed, "what achievers read" features Kim flanked by photogs and a rolling red carpet. The headline says, "Celebrity Marketing: How Kim Kardashian Became A Billion Dollar Brand." About the story KK writes, "It's a huge honor to be on the cover of the magazine."

Hot Nail Polish Line

If you already wear the Kardashian Kollection from Sears or buy Kim's footwear from Shoe Dazzle, you might be thinking that your fingers are the only Kardashian-free part of your body. Don't despair, Nicole by O.P.I. has launched Kardashian Kolors. The new nail varnish line features colors from all of the Jenner-Dash klan from momager Kris Jenner to little Kylie. One of Kim's colors is named "Kim-pletely in Love."

Smell Like Me!

Fragrance is a key part of the Kardashian empire. The business of helping you smell better is so important that the Kard Krew has an entire website dedicated to it, Kim even created a private limited edition fragrance called "Love" to celebrate her doomed nuptials to Kris Humphries. Her newest perfume, due out this spring, is called "True Reflection."

Love 'em or hate 'em. The Kardashians seem to be the family to keep up with. So what do you think?

Should Duchess Kate send Princess Kim a thank you video on YouTube in reply? Have you tried Kardashian Kolors or fragrances? Will you be tuning in to Success Magazine for Kim's business advice?

Sound off!

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