Kim Kardashian shows love for South African fan

Kim Kardashian shows love for South African fan

Cape Town - Imagine your absolute favourite celebrity responding to your tweet out of the millions of tweets they get daily. Well, Twitter user Zoe Msutwana didn’t have to imagine it because her fave, Kim Kardashian-West actually responded to her tweet.

It seems Zoe has always been a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and as she innocently tweeted about her love for them, she probably didn’t think Kim would see the tweet, let alone respond to it because she didn’t even tag her or any of her family members in the tweet:

"Following and supporting the Kardashians for over 10 years has been such a thrilling ride! The highs have been really high, and the lows, really low. But man, I’m so proud of these Queen Bosses! Trust me, I’ve been taking notes," Zoe tweeted.

Kim then responded saying: "Thank you! We love you".

Zoe also has a huge following on social media, and most of her followers said if they got a response from Kim, they would frame it – and honestly, we would too.