Kim Kardashian West gives fans a tour of her walk-in fridge

By Keiran Southern, PA Los Angeles Correspondent

Kim Kardashian West has responded to reports of her seemingly near-empty refrigerator by giving a guided tour of her vast kitchen.

The reality TV star posted a promotional picture of her Skims loungewear earlier this week, but something else caught the attention of fans.

Kardashian West was snapped holding open the door of her refrigerator, which was mostly empty aside from various types of milk.

A second fridge next to the one the mother-of-four was opening was filled with bottles of water.

This led to several online stories asking why the wealthy businesswoman appeared to have bare fridges.

Kardashian West has now responded with a video tour of her kitchen on her Instagram Story, revealing her vast food storage facilities.

The guide – which the star said was in response to the “baffling” reports – begins in her sizeable pantry, which is filled with food stuffs in glass jars.

In the video, Kardashian West reveals she and rapper husband Kanye West got rid of plastic containers.

Next fans are shown a frozen yogurt machine, before Kardashian West offers a glimpse inside the fridges seen in the original Twitter picture.

Finally, Kardashian West brings fans around the corner and into a sprawling kitchen “where it all happens”.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took fans inside her vast walk-in refrigerator filled with “fresh organic produce” much of which she said is grown on her property.

Kardashian West explained she is on a plant-based diet to help manage her psoriasis, before showing viewers her dinner for the evening – vegan tacos.

After pointing the camera at another fridge and freezer, both packed with food, Kardashian West finished the tour by saying: “There you have it guys.”

Kardashian West’s expansive food storage space inspired envy from fans on social media.

One tweeted: “Everyone stop and go watch Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story of her cooking kitchen. I’ve never felt so poor.”

Another commented:  “2020 i’m securing the bag to live that type of lifestyle.”

And one fan stated: “Kim Kardashian’s walk-in fridge is bigger than my house.”