Kim Kardashian's new under-eye concealer hack is actually genius

Cassie Powney
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We've been so busy following Kim Kardashian's 40th birthday celebrations, UK Skims launch and ever-changing hair, we kind of forgot that her forte is make-up.

Her hair may change more often than we have hot dinners (the '90s half ponytail was a particular fave, as was the soft crimp à la Britney Spears), but her specialist subject should she ever appear on Master Mind would be flawless bases.

Because let's face it (no pun intended), ever since she made a name for herself as the contouring queen, she's always had consistently enviable skin. She's a fan of Instagram beauty filters, sure, but she's also very good at doing her own make-up.

It's a special skill, y'know?

Case in point: she took to Instagram this week to announce the relaunch of her KKW Concealer Kit, which has an added first step: Correct.

"I have dark under-eye circles that can get really blue and purple when I’m tired," she captioned the post, "so my secret weapon to cover them up is with a corrector."

She then talked fans through her her new upgraded 4-step concealing system, and if you've got some time on your hands, it's actually solid-gold advice for making pesky under-eye shadows vamoose.

The new corrector collection comes in four peach and orange shades, which she striped under each eye before blending it in dabbing motions with a sponge. She points out in the video that the orange tone might scare some people, but that it's perfect for blocking out any blueness and darkness.

"Once blended, you still have a wash of the red-tone," she explains, before reaching for her concealer (step 2) and applying it in the same way, also running some stripes up from the bridge of her nose onto her forehead, around her lips, along the bridge of her nose and down the centre of her chin.

Photo credit: instagram/kimkardashian
Photo credit: instagram/kimkardashian

She blends this using a clean sponge (stock up on your sponges, peeps), then applies her KKW Baking Powder (step 3) using a slightly damp applicator. Once she's dabbed it on, she leaves it to bake while she applies the rest of her make-up, coming back to blend when she's finished. The fourth and final step involves using a small blending brush to apply her KKW Brightening Powder "anywhere there is a bit of extra darkness."

Photo credit: instagram/kimkardashian
Photo credit: instagram/kimkardashian

The new KKW Correct, $20 will be available on, but if you want to buy UK-based, we rate the Bobbi Brown Creamy corrector, £20.50, which comes in shadow-blanking shades such as Peach, Porcelain Peach, Light Peach, Deep Peach and Dark Peach.

We don't know about you, but we're clearing our diaries this weekend to master the technique... see ya, tired eyes!

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