Kimberley Walsh told ‘all the time’ to have work done to her face

By Lucy Mapstone, PA Deputy Entertainment Editor

Kimberley Walsh has said that people tell her “all the time” that she should have work done to conform to certain beauty standards.

The former Girls Aloud star said that she hates that “surgery has become so normalised”, and that she looks up to her mother who is in her 60s and has never gone under the knife.

Walsh told Fabulous magazine: “I get told I need it all the time. People in the industry say: ‘Just have a little bit there.’

Kimberley Walsh (Isabel Infantes/PA)

“But it’s not for me. I’ve got very distinctive frown lines and I just know I’d look really weird and startled without them, so I don’t dare.”

Singer and actress Walsh, 37, said that her husband Justin Scott is “so against” the idea of her going under the knife, and that she takes his feelings into consideration.

“He doesn’t think you should do anything to change your face or body or the way you came into this world,” she added.

Walsh, who has sons Cole and Bobby with Scott, said that she is also proud of her post-baby body, and that she is proud to have helped some women earlier this year with a post about her figure.

The pop star posted a picture of herself taken years ago, during the last Girls Aloud tour, and a more recent bikini snap taken four months after her eldest son Bobby was born.

Comparing the two pictures, which showed the natural change in her figure, Walsh wrote: “I have to say the post pregnancy bikini shot was not my finest hour but I put things into perspective and focused on the human I had created.

“I even remember thinking… if any other mums find comfort in this then I’ll take one for the team. Anyway the long and short of it is. We make humans. We are superwomen. Body confidence and happiness comes from inside and I was pretty happy with my new found bundle of joy.”

Referring to her previous post, Walsh told the magazine: “When I see pap pictures of me and my normal woman’s body with some cellulite, I’m like: ‘Well, that’s fine if it’s going to make someone feel better to see it.’

“Things like that just don’t bother me anymore.”

Walsh is currently starring in the West End musical Big alongside former The Wanted star Jay McGuiness.