Kind-hearted Aussie paramedics fulfil dying woman's wish to see the beach one last time

David Harding
The moment the patient was given one last chance to see the sea (Facebook)

This is the poignant moment a crew of paramedics in Australia made a dying patient’s wish come true by letting her see a beach one last time.

The Queensland Ambulance Service took a detour to a stretch of coastal land known as Hervey Bay after the female patient had told them she wanted one last look.

The terminally-ill woman was propped up in her stretcher looking out over the water.

Alongside her is a paramedic.

The moving moment was shared on social media by the ambulance service.

They posted the picture on Facebook and it has subsequently become a viral hit, with the paramedics being roundly praised for their actions.

‘A crew were transporting a patient to the palliative care unit of the local Hospital and the patient expressed that she just wished she could be at the beach again,’ wrote the Queensland Ambulance Service on the Facebook post.

‘Above and beyond, the crew took a small diversion to the awesome beach at Hervey Bay to give the patient this opportunity – tears were shed and the patient felt very happy.’

They added: ‘Sometimes it is not the drugs/training/skills – sometimes all you need is empathy to make a difference!’

Hervey Bay in Queensland (Rex)

Plenty online agreed.

The image has been shared more than 15,000 times.

The crew were praised for their kindness to the patient, with the image since shared more than 15,500 times.

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The story even prompted other paramedics to share similar tales.

One wrote under the Queensland post: ‘Years ago a fellow crew member and I had a situation where the patient was taking her last ride home.

‘She asked to see the beach one last time. After going the beach and opening the rear door, we asked her if would like an ice cream, to which she replied yes with a giggle of delight. A short time later the hardly licked ice cream fell to the floor.

“The patient had passed away. As she lay there still smiling at the last view that she ever saw, we had a minute’s silence for her.’

Hervey Bay is some three hours drive north of Brisbane and is considered the whale-watching capital of Australia