What Kinds of Gifts Does Kate Middleton Get?

What do you give to a princess - er, a duchess? Someone who has everything? A report by The Prince of Wales' office shows the wide variety of goodies bestowed on Prince William & wife Kate Middleton during overseas tours in 2011, the year of their wedding.

Canada and the United States

The royal couple visited Canada and America June 30 - July 10, and they were showered with gifts. Kate, formally known as the Duchess of Cambridge, was gifted with necklaces, flower baskets, a prayer shawl, a blue hat, a tartan fascinator (a style of hat popular in Britain), and even "a selection of dresses." Most of this bounty was given not by groups or organizations, but by individuals. The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs offered Duchess Catherine three pairs of shoes - let's hope he knew her size.

Don't Forget William

Prince William may be feeling a bit overshadowed by his popular bride, much as his father Prince Charles felt outdone by William's late mother, Princess Diana.

Nevertheless, groups the couple visited during the year remembered William with their gifts. The most popular gift given jointly to the couple was books. The newlyweds also received a "game board with pieces" (aren't you glad the pieces were included?), a quilt, and a soft toy and children's books (perhaps a subtle hint that a royal baby is welcome anytime).

The Lofty and the Lowly

So that the couple wouldn't forget the American west, they were given cowboy hats and beaded moccasins, the better to roam those long hallways at Kensington Palace. The governor of California offered them an iPad, but not every gift was so upscale: the couple also received a breadboard and even two mosquito traps (traps courtesy of Canada's Minister of Health).

Many of the couple's gifts reflected the country they visited: caribou antler snow goggles, for instance. And some were touching when we imagine the time spent by the individual who made them: two "hand knitted woolen scarves" or "framed embroidery." Others inspire questions: what, exactly, was in the "box of mailed correspondence" given by Canada's Post?

If you happen to meet the Duke and Duchess, this list shows that the sky is the limit for acceptable gifts. Just what would you give to the royals?

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